January 12, 2022

In PM Modi Security Lapse, Role of Congress’ Politics of Prejudice Cannot be Ruled Out

Security lapses during the recent visit to Punjab by Prime Minister Narendra Modi can’t be taken lightly. It raises several questions about ensuring security of persons in high places, federalism and also the mutuality between the Centre and the states
January 8, 2021

Serving the motherland from a distance

The idea of instituting a day for NRIs was mooted by a high-level committee set up by the Vajpayee government under the chairmanship of the late L M Singhvi.
September 17, 2021

Why Taliban must ensure spiritual democracy

Vinay Sahasrabuddhe writes: It has been a part of Afghanistan’s history, can help revive other democratic traditions and will create a spirit of accommodation that will get them global legitimacy
27 July 2021

लिंबाळेंची 'अवार्ड नो
- वापसी'!

सनातन' कादंबरीसाठी डॉ. शरणकुमार लिंबाळे यांना मिळालेला सरस्वती सन्मान ही आनंदाची घटना आहे. पण या सन्मानाचे थंडे स्वागत व्हावे, ही खेदाची बाब. खरे तर समाजातील सर्वच घटकांनी समन्वयवादी समरसतेची.
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