October 15, 2020

Towards a more meaningful social media

Social media has democratised opinion-making and is here to stay. But its negative aspects too are coming to the fore. Here are some measures
September 18, 2020

PM Narendra Modi has changed the discourse and connected with the people

At 70, with path-breaking reforms in governance, Modi has shown how Indian democracy can deliver. One of the most significant contributions to
August 24, 2020

Education: Why the show must go on

Many industries are opening because of such souls; factories are being unlocked and the discussion has veered now on to when and how schools will reopen. Even when Covid-19 has compelled all of us into a collective languor, there are people across India and abroad who have continued to trod their path cautiously with preventiv
September 18, 2020

On MGNREGA, it is BJP versus Congress

The proof of a policy is in its implementation. Sonia Gandhi needs to acknowledge that the MGNREGA has become truly effective under the BJP In a democracy, politics is never just about elections. Competing parties are also expected to contest policy arguments, development programmes and debate frameworks for their implementation. It&rs
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