The Innovation Republic: Governance Innovations in India Under Narendra Modi


Innovation is the main driver of transformation in the twenty-first century. Governments, though, are not commonly associated with the creativity, nimbleness and risk-taking ability required to innovate. However, since assuming the office of prime minister of India in May 2014, Narendra Modi has strived hard to introduce the culture of innovation and creativity in governance. This book tells the stories of seventeen important innovations in the systems of governance, some of which make use of breakthrough technology, others involve the creation of new institutions, some involve a restructuring of processes, but all of which bring greater efficiency and effectiveness to the business of government. 
The ‘governnovations’ have helped the cause of transparency and accountability, like Government’s e-Market platform; they have enabled smart communication in the form of Mann ki Baat; there are institutional innovations like NITI Aayog and Invest India; an innovation like the Dalit VC fund is about social responsibility; some celebrate Indian culture while projecting Indian soft power, like the International Yoga Day; most of all, there are several which have contributed to easing the life of the average Indian—whether BHIM or Unnat Jyoti or Railway Twitter Sewa—which ought to be the aspiration and goal of every government. 

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"Beyond A Billion Ballots"


Beyond a Billion Ballots is an insightful advocacy of a range of political reforms aimed at making India a resurgent republic. In the process, the book reviews various challenges faced by democracy the world over, focusing on issues pertaining to the lack of robust development of its institutions, particularly the political parties. Holding the 'crisis of purpose' in party politics responsible for the weak organisational health of parties, the author unfolds a link between activism bereft of ideology, representation sans results and democracy without deliverables.

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"Nation First"


"NATION FIRST presents a compilation of speeches and articles by Prof. Bal Apte, a pillar of ABVP for nearly three decades, educationist, lawyer, parliamentarian and National Vice-President of BJP for over eight years. It comprises analyses of and views on National Issues, Students and Youth movements and their role, as also Education. The subjects on which Prof. Apte has shared his thinking cover a wide range, from Hindutva to maritime university and cooperative movement to bio-diversity. Clarity of thinking, logical argumentation and dispassionate analysis with positive inputs in the form of practical suggestions are the hallmarks of the interventions made by Prof. Apte."

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