Amit Shah and the Politics of Performance

9 July, 2014

When Narendra Modi took over as PM in May, he became the first post-independence born Prime Minister. And now, when his close aide Amit Shah has taken over as President of the BJP, he is the first BJP chief to have born after the end of Jawaharlal Nehru era in national politics. But the importance of the ascendance of Amit Shah is not confined just to his age profile. 

What BJP's First-Time MPs Learnt

1 July, 2014

For any individual to grow, mentoring is a must. In our education system, every year thousands of deserving students go astray and eventually land themselves in difficulties mainly because they couldn't find a mentor. Hundreds and thousands of young professionals today are knocking one door after the other asking, "Can somebody provide me a mentor?

Inside the BJP's Training Camp for New MPs

1 July, 2014

Training of Politicians? You mean these ministers and MPs? Don't tell me. What can they learn? They always preach. Will they listen?" Questions galore and doubts persist as few believe that politicians can ever be trained.

In Modi's Grand Oath Ceremony, the Spirit of Participation

28 May, 2014

That Narendra Modi took oath in the presence of about 4000 people, including heads of SAARC countries or their representatives, is just news. But when read with several of his innovative approaches to governance, organisation management or his election campaign, one can appreciate the underlying subtext of his deep understanding of and emphasis on participatory mechanisms at every level.