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A nationalist at heart, a political scholar by profession, and a politician by elevation, Sahasrabuddhe dons many hats at the same time.

He is a Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha from Maharashtra since July 2016. Dr Sahasrabuddhe is the President at Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR). He looks after the Good Governance, Central and State Government Program Coordination and Policy Research Department at Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) (www.bjp.org) as its National Vice President. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe is also In-Charge of BJP, Madhya Pradesh.

Dr Sahasrabuddhe is the Vice P ...

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Raised the subject of Satellite Cities by Dr Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, 26th July, 2018

Speech: Dr Vinay Sahasrabuddhe's remark- The Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill, 2017 at 23rd July, 2018

Swarajya Conversations: Dr Vinay Sahasrabuddhe's interview on Book "Innovation Republic", January 22, 2018

Dr VINAY Sahasrabuddhe’s address at the Punya-Bhushan Award function in Pine on 19 April where Smt Prabha Atre was felicitated . Also present were Ustaad Amjad Ali Khan, Pt Shivshankar Sharma and Hariprasad Chaurasia. 

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‘माय गव्ह’: सहभागातून स्वामित्व!

August 1, 2018`

गेल्या चार वर्षांत सुमारे ६३ लाख नोंदणीकृत सदस्य आणि दर आठवडय़ाला सरासरी १० हजार सूचना वा अभिप्राय हे ‘माय गव्ह’चे यशच..

खादी-ग्रामोद्योग : शंभर धागे प्रगतीचे!

July 17, 2018

गेल्या चार वर्षांतले आणखी एक महत्त्वाचे यश म्हणजे सोलर चरख्याचा प्रयोग.

विशेषत: २०१४ नंतर ग्रामीण रोजगारनिर्मिती

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The Innovation Republic: Governance Innovations in India Under Narendra Modi

"Beyond A Billion Ballots"

"Nation First"

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